on March 8th, 2012 at 5:49pm
#because this is how this shit works #armchair activism #tangible world change through a bunch of retweets #please donate to charities that actually do shit that helps

2bark Is Hungry

Hi, I'm 2bark. I don't define myself by the media I consume and I think all fandoms are terrible. All of them.

I'm a twenty-something technical college student hoping to get a career in the information technology field, but I also really like paleontology and learning about ancient animals, as well as animals in general.

I mostly reblog cool pictures of animals and get into dumb arguments on the internet, among other things. My favorite groups of animals are fuzzy dinosaurs, ungulates, and mustelids.

Skype: cosmoscanine
Steam: 2bark
3DS Friend Code: 2981-7328-5400

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